Nevena Radović

Ljubljana, Slovenia

I'm a full stack Javascript developer with extra experience in SQL, Mongo, Docker, CI/CD, Python, Linux.

I used to teach Mathematics and Physics, as well as tutor students.

Since 2021, I have been actively acquiring a broad range of computer science knowledge, exploring various technologies and DevOps practices, and delving deeply into web technologies, with a special emphasis on Javascript. Now I have a firm grasp of all the essential dev skills that would make me a valuable addition to any team.

If you're interested in hiring me either as an employee or for a project, feel free to reach me at


University of Montenegro, Faculty of Science and Mathematics, B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science


  • CS50's Introduction to Computer Science, Harvard University [link]
  • Full Stack Open, University of Helsinki [link]
  • Full Stack Open Typescript, University of Helsinki [link]
  • Full Stack Open CI/CD, University of Helsinki [link]
  • Full Stack Open Containers, University of Helsinki [link]
  • Full Stack Open Relational Databases, University of Helsinki [link]

Technical Skills

Modern Javascript and Typescript.
client-side React, Redux, webpack, Cypress (E2E testing framework)
server-side Node.js, Express, Jest
HTML5 with focus on semantic HTML, modern CSS. Familiar with Bootstrap.
General Python 3 knowledge, as well as Flask web framework.
SQL General knowledge of relational databases, experience with Postgres and SQLite, as well as ORMs like Sequelize.js and SQLAlchemy.
Mongo MongoDB knowledge with Mongoose ORM experience.
Redis Experience with Redis.
Experience with Git, GitHub workflow.
Docker (+ docker-compose) / Podman.
GitHub Actions knowledge.
Longtime Linux user.
General, beginner-level knowledge of C.